Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Nassir Navab CAMP - Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality

Research Interests

CAMP Publications


Dr. Ulrich Eck

Ulrich Eck NARVIS Lab

Chair's Vice-Director

  • Medical Augmented Reality for Surgery and Training
  • Intra-operative Navigation and Guidance
  • System Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems
  • Haptic-Enabled Simulators

Dr. Thomas Wendler

Dr. Thomas Wendler Interdisciplinary Research Lab (IFL)

Chair's Vice-Director

  • Clinical Research
  • Nuclear Medicine and Brachytherapy
  • Medical Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Image-Guided Interventions

Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D.

Gudrun Klinker FAR - Fachgebiet Augmented Reality

Research Interests

FAR Publications

Assistant Prof. Dr. Cristina Piazza

Cristina Piazza Neuroprosthetics and Human-Centered Robotics Lab

Research Interests

  • Study of Human Movement
  • Design of Bionic Prostheses and Wearable Devices Based on Soft Robotics Technologies
  • Development of Advanced Control Algorithms
  • Development of Innovative Assessments for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Using Emerging Technologies

Associate Prof. Dr. Kuangyu Shi

Kuangyu Shi

Research Interests

  • Translational molecular imaging computing
  • Deep learning for computer-aided diagnosis
  • Computational modeling of molecular imaging and tumor microenvironment

Prof. Dr. Bjoern Menze

Bjoern Menze IBBM - Image-Based Biomedical Modelling

Research Interests

  • Image-based Modeling
  • Medical Computer Vision & Machine Learning
  • Computer-Aided Diagnostics & Radiomics

Prof. Dr. Peter Struss

Peter Struss MQM - Model-Based Systems & Qualitative Reasoning

Research Interests

  • Qualitative REasoning
  • Model-based Diagnosis
  • Knowledge-based Configuration
  • Model-based Functional Safety
  • Model-based Support Systems


Senior Research Scientists - Postdoctoral Fellows

 Roger Soberanis

Roger Soberanis

  • Deep Learning and Graph Deep Learning for Medical Applications
  • Medical Image Segmentation
  • Localization in Medical Imaging

 Nikolas Brasch

Nikolas Brasch

  • 3D Computer Vision
  • SLAM
  • 3D Scene Understanding

 Benjamin Busam

Benjamin Busam

  • Computer Vision
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Collaborative Robotics

Dr. Shahrooz Faghihroohi

Dr. Shahrooz Faghihroohi

  • Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
  • Medical Image Reconstruction
  • Cardiovascular Image Analysis

 Anees Kazi

Anees Kazi

  • Graph Deep Learning for Healthcare Applications
  • Multi-modal Data Analysis
  • Medical Image Analysis

Matthias Keicher

Matthias Keicher

  • Deep Learning and Graph Deep Learning for Medical Applications
  • Multimodal Representations and Feature Disentanglement
  • Medical Report Generation

Federico Tombari

PD Dr. Federico Tombari

  • Invariant representations for 2D, 3D and RGB-D data
  • 3D object recognition and pose estimation
  • Stereo vision and 3D reconstruction
  • Pattern matching and robust visual correspondence

Senior Affiliate Lecturers / Research Scientists

Shadi Albarqouni

Dr. Shadi Albarqouni

  • Deep Learning for Medical Applications
  • Microscopic Image Analysis
  • Computer Aided Diagnosis

Ahmad Ahmadi

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi

  • Neuroimaging
  • Multi-modal Imaging (US,MRI,etc.)
  • Clinical Applications

Vasileios Belagiannis

Dr. Vasileios Belagiannis

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Christoph Hennersperger

Dr. Christoph Hennersperger

  • Research & Development in Interventional Imaging
  • Lecturer MedInnovate Innovation Fellowship
  • Lecturer Ultrasound Imaging & Robotics

Slobodan Ilic

PD Dr. Slobodan Ilic

  • Deformable surface modeling and tracking
  • 3D reconstruction (multi-camera, stereo)
  • Real-time object detection and tracking
  • Object detection and localization in 3D data

Markus Kowarschik

PD Dr. Markus Kowarschik

  • Lecturer: Interventional Imaging
  • Research: Interventional Imaging, Tomographic Image Reconstruction

Diana Mateus

Dr. Diana Mateus

  • Machine Learning for Medical Applications
  • 3D shape acquisition, modeling and registration
  • Computer Vision

Stephan Nekolla

Prof. Dr. Stephan Nekolla

  • Quantitative methods in medical imaging
  • Integration of multi modality data: PET, SPECT, CT, MRI
  • Going the full distance: from imaging physics to tracking therapeutical changes

Peter Noël

Dr. Peter Noël

  • Lecturer: Medical Imaging
  • Research: Tomographic reconstruction

Marie Piraud

Dr. Marie Piraud

  • Medical data analytics and modeling
  • Stochastic modeling and Bayesian inference
  • Machine learning and quantum artificial intelligence

Daniel Roth

Dr. Daniel Roth

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Computer Aided Interventions
  • Collaborative Interaction

Arash Taki

Dr. Arash Taki

  • Lecturer: Ultrasound Imaging
  • Scientific Advisor: BMC Master of TUM in Singapore

Joerg Traub

Dr. Joerg Traub

  • Lecturer: Image Guided Surgery: From Bench to Bed and Back (IGSB3)
  • Invited lecture in CAMP-I: Translation research in medical technology

Wolfgang Wein

Dr. Wolfgang Wein

  • Lecturer: conebeam CT and US Imaging
  • Research: Advanced Ultrasound Imaging

Mai Bui

Dr. Mai Bui

  • Deep Learning for Interventional Cardiology
  • Computer Vision for Interventional Imaging
  • Catheter Tracking and Navigation

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Hot Stuff

21 January 2022, Zoom
CAMP Pizza January Edition
The CAMPPizza in 2022 will take place on January 21st from 13:40 to 17:30. Due to the Current COVID situation, it will held at virtual over Zoom. We are pleased to announce our main speakers, Prof. Dr. Peter Schueffler,Prof. Dr. Christian Wachinger, Prof. Dr. Christian Wachinger, Dr. Tingying Peng, Dr. Marie Piraud , Dr. Christian Rupprecht, and welcome our new members Feng Li, Guanyao Zhai, Kamilya Mullakaeva, Felix Holm,Min Wang,Yu Liu, Mohamed Kassar.
6 July 2021, Zooom
CampPizza! July 2021
The CAMPPizza in 2021 will take place on July 6th from 09:30-14:20. It will be held both at the Chair and virtual over Zoom. We are pleased to announce our main speakers, Dr. Tolga Birdal (Stanford), Fabian Manhardt (Google), Dr. Christoph Baur (Rohde & Schwarz Germany), Dr. Anees Kazi, Mehdi Astaraki, Shun-Cheng Wu, and welcome our new members Yan Di, Guangyao Zhai, Michael Sommersperger, Amir Choopankareh.
15 January 2021, Zoom
CAMP New Year's Party 2021
Happy 2021! To celebrate the arrival of the new year and connect with each other during these challenging times, the CAMP chair is hosting a virtual New Year's Party on Friday, January 15th. The event will feature educational talks about Transformers, career advice by selected Alumni and will conclude with a fun game night!
9 December 2020, Zoom
CAMP Pizza! December 2020 Edition
The last but not least CAMPPizza in 2020 will take place on December 9th from 10:00-15:00. It will be held purely virtual over Zoom. We are pleased to announce our main speakers, Dr. Federico Tombari (Google, Zürich), Dr. Pierre Jannin (Medical School of the University of Rennes, France) and Dr. Steven McDonagh (Huawei Technologies R&D, London) and welcome our new members and returners Tianyu Song, Heiko Maier, Yousef Yeganeh.
9 December 2020, YouTube
EIT Health FastRAi Symposium
We would like to invite you to the virtual FastRAi symposium, where CAMP, Deepc and M3i will present the methods and findings developed for the project 'Flexible and Adaptive Software-Framework for X-Ray-enabled AI for COVID-19 detection'.


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85748 Garching bei München

Proud of our Alumni

Master Ma Meng

2 November 2015
Dr. Oliver Kutter
Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA Healthcare
Visual Computing for Computer Assisted Interventions
28 June 2010
Dr. Oliver Kutter
Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA Healthcare
Visual Computing for Computer Assisted Interventions
28 June 2010
Dr. Oliver Kutter
Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA Healthcare
Visual Computing for Computer Assisted Interventions
28 June 2010
Dr. Oliver Kutter
Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA Healthcare
Visual Computing for Computer Assisted Interventions
28 June 2010

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